Holiday Gift Guide

Gift ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life or for yourself! Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Can you believe it’s time to start Christmas shopping already? Somehow the longest year on record has gone by so fast, yes? Well, let me help by giving you some ideas for that person in your life that lovesContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide”

How to Make Changes That Stick

Stopping the cycle of “on-again, off-again” diet and exercise. Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Does this sound familiar? You feel like something needs to change with your diet and lack of activity. There’s no structure and you just feel like you could be doing better. So you make a plan. Starting Monday, you’re going to exerciseContinue reading “How to Make Changes That Stick”

The Truth About Processed Food

What it actually is, which types to avoid, and which ones to include in your diet. Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 What do you think of when someone says processed food? Most of us think of chips, cookies, crackers, bars, ice cream, and others. But what is considered a processed food and what isn’t? “According toContinue reading “The Truth About Processed Food”

Home Workouts vs. Gym Workouts: Which is Better?

Plus five tips to make any workout the best it can be! Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Let’s face it: this year has not been kind to gyms. With the threat of COVID around every corner, you may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to go to the gym to get a good workout?” It’sContinue reading “Home Workouts vs. Gym Workouts: Which is Better?”

Fall Recipe Roundup

A collection of some of my favorite fall recipes to give you fresh inspiration for the season. Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Ah fall. I have always loved this time of year and all the food that comes with it! So as much as we all might love our grilled food, pasta salad, corn on theContinue reading “Fall Recipe Roundup”

Prep Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

How I grocery shop and meal prep for a successful, stress-free week. Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 When I say things like “grocery shopping” and “meal prepping” do you get giddy with excitement or feel a sense of dread? It’s ok to feel either one. Feel your feelings. However, if these areas of your life couldContinue reading “Prep Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”

What Should I Wear to the Gym?

Answering all the questions you are too afraid to ask about dress code and function! Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 If you are venturing into the gym for the first time, or the first time in a long time, worrying about what to wear might seem silly, but it’s a valid question. With social media saturatedContinue reading “What Should I Wear to the Gym?”

Rethinking Healthy Food: What foods can help or hinder fat loss?

Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Have you ever decided to start “eating better” to lose weight and then been discouraged when nothing seems to change? Focusing on making food choices that seem “healthy” can result in fat loss, but they don’t always. Why? Food choices for fat loss have more to do with “healthy” versus “unhealthy.”Continue reading “Rethinking Healthy Food: What foods can help or hinder fat loss?”

Fitness Trackers: Are They Worth it?

The pros and cons of fitness trackers to determine if one is right for you! Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Have you wondered if fitness trackers are worth the price tag? Are they even accurate? Will I become one of those crazy people obsessed with “closing my rings?” I feel like I should be honest withContinue reading “Fitness Trackers: Are They Worth it?”

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Lost Weight

Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Is your weight a struggle for you right now? Have you tried all sorts of things, but nothing seems to stick and actually work long-term? I get it and I’ve been there too. That picture on the left is just over four-years-old. There’s so much that I’ve learned since then. AsContinue reading “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Lost Weight”