31 Thoughts on Fitness and Nutrition

Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Around my birthday, I start feeling very reflective. Like I am full of wisdom and sage advice as I look back on all the years of my life and ahead to the years I have left. It has always felt like a second New Year’s Eve to me. A time toContinue reading “31 Thoughts on Fitness and Nutrition”

5 Steps to Set a Realistic Fitness Goal During Quarantine

If I hear “flatten the curve” one more time, I’m going to throw up into my homemade mask. Ok that was dramatic, but you get my point. With everything going on in the world, who has the motivation to exercise? Some people feel completely unmotivated to do anything without gym access. Others are burdened withContinue reading “5 Steps to Set a Realistic Fitness Goal During Quarantine”