How to Train Your Core Properly and Why

Stop crunching until you puke to try to get that six-pack! Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 I have found that most people either love core training or they hate it. Or they love to hate it. The “love it” camp usually loves it because they equate feeling a burn in their abdomen with building six-pack absContinue reading “How to Train Your Core Properly and Why”

Home Workouts vs. Gym Workouts: Which is Better?

Plus five tips to make any workout the best it can be! Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Let’s face it: this year has not been kind to gyms. With the threat of COVID around every corner, you may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to go to the gym to get a good workout?” It’sContinue reading “Home Workouts vs. Gym Workouts: Which is Better?”

How to Find the Time to Exercise

Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 “I don’t have time to exercise.” Do you want to exercise, but just don’t know when you would fit it in? This can be a common reason that people don’t start an exercise program, mostly because we think it has to look a certain way. I’m here to give you someContinue reading “How to Find the Time to Exercise”

5 Common Fitness Misconceptions

Plus 5 Tips to Train Smarter! Jamie Staley, NASM-CPT, Pn1 Do you feel like there is so much conflicting information about exercise? Does it seem like everyone has a different way of doing things and you don’t know which one is right? Fitness can be confusing, but I’m hoping to give you some clarity today.Continue reading “5 Common Fitness Misconceptions”